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1 Designer, 3 Projects

Unlimited developer access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pixelworm is a SaaS tool that automates the process of comparing your app’s design with its implementation - what can be called fit and finish testing. Inconsistencies between the two are detected and listed out as issues helping save time for both your developers and designers.
Once you’ve signed up to pixelworm, you add an application from the dashboard by giving it a name and choosing the design dimensions you used for your artwork. Next, you upload your artboards using our Sketch plugin (link) and follow that up by integrating our iOS SDK (link). Once your developer runs your app, every screen they test will be automatically uploaded into your project. The final step is to map your artboards to your screens after which pixelworm will automatically map all the components between the two and list out every discrepancy it finds.
Normally pixelworm automatically maps every component it finds a match for. However, for those that it cannot find a match for, or for those that are mapped incorrectly, you can manually click and drag between your screen and artboard.
The standard package allows you to work on 3 projects simultaneously. However, if you require more please get in touch with us.

Pixelworm spots differences in the following:

  • Image size and aspect ratio
  • Font family, size, weight, and style
  • Spacing and constraints
Currently pixelworm supports Sketch and the iOS platform with additional apps and platforms coming soon.
30 days.
Yes, there are no limitations whatsoever on the free trial. We want you to get a feel for the software as a whole to see how well it fits into your workflow.